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Combining Lipozene With Exercise

As many could be aware, diet pills are a lucrative and attractive option for people who find weight loss very difficult and time consuming. The pills offer a seemingly easy way to eliminate excessive weight. A good number of them also promise to help eliminate fat without exercise regimens or strict diets. Lipozene is supplement that helps cut down the weight. It promises quick and exceptional results. But what if you combined Lipozene with exercises? This article discusses the effect of that combination and whether it is safe.

What is Lipozene?

For us to understand how Lipozene works and how effective it can be when combined with exercises, we first need to know what it actually is. Lipozene is a type of weight loss supplement that has a water soluble fiber known as glucomannan. As a matter of fact, glucomannan is the only ingredient in Lipozene. The ingredient comes from roots of the konjac plant commonly known as the elephant yam. Glucomannan fiber has a strong ability to absorb and contain water. It is so effective such that a single capsule can turn an entire glass of water into a ball of gel. 

Due to this reason, glucomannan is oftenly used in food as additive for emulsifying and thickening food. It is also a major ingredient in shitaki noodles. Its water absorbing capability gives glucomannan a lot of health benefits such as relief from constipation, weight loss and reduction in blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Lipozene, therefore, is a commercial product of glucomannan that claims all these benefits. Lipozene contains magnesium, gelatin and stearic acid. None of these elements help with losing weight but they add bulk keeping the product from absorbing water. 

In summary, Lipozene contains glucomannan which helps keep you fuller for a long period of time so that you eat less and lose weight.

How Lipozene Aids Weight Loss

According to research, people that eat more dietary fiber tend to have less weight. Even thou the exact reason is not known, there are several ways that soluble fiber can help in losing weight. Discussed below are the ways that glucomannan, which is the active ingredient in Lipozene, can help cut down on weight. 

  • It keeps you full: Lipozene absorbs water and stretches out your stomach. This slows down the rate at which food goes out of your stomach, making you feel full for a longer period of time. 
  • It has low calories: The Lipozene capsules have low levels of calories hence helping you feel full without necessarily adding extra calories into your diet. 
  • Brings down dietary calories: The capsules help bring down the rate of absorption of other nutrients like fat and protein, meaning you get less calories from the food you eat. 
  • Enhances gut health: Lipozene indirectly influences weight loss by championing for good bacteria in your gut. This strategy makes you less likely to gain weight. Other soluble fibers may also have the same effects.

Does Lipozene Really Work?

This is a question that many people have asked themselves regarding Lipozene. Several studies have investigated how the active ingredient in Lipozene, glucomannan, affects weight loss. People have reported small but positive effects of the capsules. 

In a study that lasted for five weeks, a total of 176 people were randomly assigned to a diet of 1200 calories plus a fiber containing either a placebo or glucomannan. Those that took the fiber supplement lost around 1.7kgs more compared to those that took placebo. 

Additionally, a recent study concluded that glucomannan can help bring down body weight in obese or overweight people with a very short time. Some researchers, however, believe that the benefits of losing weight through consumption of fiber usually disappear only after about six months. This is where exercises come in.

Effects of Combining Exercises with Lipozene

According to experts, if there is any sure way of losing weight is through combining Lipozene and exercises. As you have seen earlier, Lipozene only eliminates a small amount of weight at a time, and it could only be effective for up to six months. For it to work, therefore, it has to be combined with exercising. Regular jogging, press ups and weight lifting can go a long way in reducing weight. Exercises help make up for any areas that Lipozene might not have covered. Combining these two, therefore, can be a sure way of losing weight.


For you to fully experience the effects of Lipozene on your body, you have to combine it with regular exercises. Visit The Hub Post to learn more about Lipozene

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