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Exercises for pregnant women: routines per trimester

Exercise during pregnancy brings incredible benefits to your health and that of your baby, improves your mood, relaxes you by helping you sleep better, and reduces the discomfort of lower back pain typical of pregnancy.

In addition, without thinking, you will be training quickly for childbirth, because your body is strengthened by the complications that birth can bring, and even at the end of pregnancy it is much easier to recover the shape of your body.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that women, whose pregnancy is not at risk, do 20 to 30 minutes of physical activity on most or every day of the week; however, before starting any exercise for pregnant women, it is essential to consult your doctor.

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Important details when doing your exercises for pregnant women:

Try to train at least three times a week without fail, during pregnancy the exercise rhythm is lost, so it is difficult to recover it until after delivery so do not stop making you want!

Hydrations is now more important than ever, drink water before and during exercise, avoid sweetened beverages, make frequent stops, wear technical and loose-fitting clothing.

In the first trimester, everything is unknown and exciting, at this stage important physical changes occur, it is likely that your body is adapting to its new processes and dizziness, mood changes or tiredness arise, but there is no reason to worry, you can start from little if you are not currently active.

Among the well-known exercises for pregnant women that you can perform is the oriental dance that has smooth and pelvic movements, the aquatic gymnastics that have positive variations, and swimming with which you can clear your mind while strengthening yourself.

Kegel exercises and squats on the wall with a fireball in the back will strengthen your pelvic area, leg, and back muscles for the future months, do them with great care and always consult your doctor beforehand.

After having passed the discomforts of the first trimester, it is common that now you feel full of energy to face any physical activity and, in fact, if you are sedentary this will be a good time to include some exercises in your pregnancy.

Consider that your posture tends to change during this quarter, therefore postural hygiene exercises are extremely important, your center of gravity will be changing.

As for an aerobic workout, you can get on one of the stationary bikes in any gym for about 20 minutes, your pulsations should range between 140-150 to avoid overexertion.

Also keep in mind that in the second trimester it will be essential to acquire good footwear, in fact one of your exercises for pregnant women can be to do quick walks for half an hour or walk for an hour.

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At this stage the fetus and the uterus become an important burden, the baby is already in the last phase to make him known, and precisely for this reason he should not stop your physical activity.

In the third trimester the goal is to strengthen the postural muscles, perform more breathing exercises, move the legs to distribute circulation throughout the body, and greatly strengthen the pelvic floor.

As a base, go for a daily walk, it will prevent the retention of liquids while keeping you in shape, try to do it on flat and safe terrain because of the distribution of weight and not being able to see the floor due to the belly could cause trips.

Other exercises for pregnant women during the third trimester are the stationary or elliptical bike, these should be limited to 20 minutes without causing extreme fatigue, also take into account something fundamental: drink a lot, a lot of water, if you can every fifteen minutes.

To strengthen the muscles, perform the following exercises for pregnant women:

Visit a trusted gynecologist before starting any of these activities, especially if your pregnancy is at high risk, even if so, you must completely suspend all physical activity and only rest for your own good and that of your baby.

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