Learn Fresh Natural Recipies For Skin Products From Ancient Beauty Products

The simple reality of mixing your own beauty products from fresh ingredient puts you in touch with the natural world and gives you a richer, more intimate knowledge of the ingredients. Cutting the avocado, preparing the other ingredients, and then putting them on your face, is an intensely personal activity in which you interact with the ingredients in an intimate way–and it is a hugely different experience from buying something in a plastic bottle. The simple act of applying a rich oil to your skin and running your hands over your own body during self-massage gives you a deeper knowledge and appreciation of yourself.

In this program I have combined my own personal experiences and those of my patients, along to present Ayurveda’s beauty secrets in a clear, streamlined, useful form. I show you how to integrate Ayurveda into your everyday life and use it safely and effectively to nurture your inner self and cultivate outer beauty.

Ayurveda is a complete and holistic system that recognizes that each person is a unique individual, with a mind, body, and spirit that are intertwined. Outer beauty is a reflection of inner beauty, and a beauty regimen is not something you do for a half hour in your bathroom; it’s something you practice twenty-four hours, every day, inwardly and outwardly. We all have the power to heal ourselves and let our beauty shin through for all to feel and see. It is our belief and hope that the information in this guide will help you guide that power, enabling you to live a longer life, brimming natural health, energy, happiness and effortless beauty. Ayurveda offers a liberating approach to beauty, one that serves the needs of women of different ages and different natural gifts.

At the beginning of her career, Sophia Loren was told that her mouth was too large, her nose too long, her chin and lips too broad–but that still the sum of her parts were “somehow beautiful.” She never fit the current standard of beauty, and now that she is a woman “of a certain age,” she has achieved yet another kind of beauty that is very different from her youthful appeal. In her book Women and Beauty, Loren points out that whereas the beauty of youth is unconscious, mature beauty is knowing and sophisticated, richer and more complex. In her book she shares with us her greatest beauty secret: her unfailing self-confidence. “If you can use your mind as well as you use a powder puff,” she writes, “you will become more truly beautiful.” Her message and that of Ayurveda is: You can attain beauty because beauty is already inside you.

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