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Neck Liposuction And What You Can Expect

If you have a double chin, you might have been considering different procedures that could help you get rid of that. It can be rather difficult to get rid of a double chin with just exercise and diet, which is why you should think about liposuction.

Unlike what many believe, liposuction is not meant to help you lose weight, but it is designed to help you lose fat in certain areas. If you are interested, you can check out Dr Hodgkinson – trusted surgeon to perform neck liposuction in Sydney or you can do some local research instead.

There are many different procedures to make you feel more comfortable with your appearance

What is the double chin surgery?

As we age, our skin will start to lose elasticity and that will lead to our skin becoming wrinkly and sagging. The skin on our chin will do the same, and sometimes that can cause us to have a prominent double chin. In some cases you might just have a double chin due to extra fat around your chin/

A plastic surgeon will make sure to get rid of the double chin with a chin liposuction, as this procedure will just remove the fat under the chin. However, you also have the submentoplasty, which is a surgery that combines chin liposuction and a procedure to tighten the muscles. There is also the neck lift procedure, which will get rid of excess skin as well.

If this is the procedure you are interested in, you should start by talking to your doctor. This way your doctor can examine you and see whether you are a good candidate for liposuction, or if maybe a different procedure would suit your taste more than just liposuction.

How does it work?

The chin liposuction will be done by inserting a small tube that is called a cannula, into different areas on your chin. With this, your doctor will use suction to take out all the extra fat that is causing you to have a double chin. After that, your doctor might make small incisions under the chin or behind the area to remove excess skin.

If you are interested in this procedure, you should talk to your doctor. Check out expert neck cosmetic surgery in Sydney at Dr Hodgkinson if you are interested or simply find a more local doctor instead. Just make sure to find a reputable clinic and a good doctor, if you want the procedure to be done right. You can also consider getting lipo on other body parts, depending on your desires.

Make sure to talk to your doctor

Final word

There are a lot of things to be considered, but liposuction is definitely a good procedure to get rid of unwanted fat under the chin. However, this is also a good procedure to help you get rid of stubborn fat in other areas on your body, such as the abdomen, buttocks, hips, legs, etc. So, make sure to talk to your doctor about this.

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