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The Common Car Accident Injuries You Need to Avoid

An accident can come at any time, but those on the road are far more deadly. The reality is that lives can be changed and even lost. The good news is that the latest information shows the number of deaths involved in car accidents is in decline.

However, challenges from them are not just from serious casualties, but also, the multitude of possible car accident injuries.

What are some of the most common ones? Let us answer that question and more in this post.


The speed of impact is one of the most damaging effects to your body, subjecting it to forces it cannot handle. One consequence of this is whiplash.

Often, your head and neck find themselves quickly jerked out of place, meaning that soft tissue and muscles get strained.

Although it’s not an injury that causes lasting damage, anyone who has suffered from whiplash will tell you that it can be very painful. If you experience this, recovery in places like this rehabilitation company can provide welcome relief.

Head Injuries

Under normal circumstances, head injuries are noteworthy, as they can lead to several secondary complications. So sustaining a head injury in a car accident is one of the car accident injuries that require immediate attention.

One of the slightly lesser complications from an impact to the head would be a concussion. Although a less serious traumatic brain injury, the symptoms of feeling sluggish and having trouble with memory can cause real disruption to your day-to-day life.

A strike to the head could also lead to closed head injuries to the brain. These car accident injuries can mean lifelong recovery, depending on how serious it is.

Cuts and Bruises

With us carrying so many small items with us in our cars, if we get into a car crash, the likelihood of us being struck by one is high. This, along with broken glass or car parts, can cause painful cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

Back and Neck Injuries

Our backs and necks are stabilizing parts of our body, which means that they are often affected greatly by a car crash. The car accident injuries sustained can cause pain that limits mobility. In more serious cases, you could even experience a herniated disc.

These injuries sometimes appear some days after the accident. So if you experience persistent pain after the accident, it would be advisable to seek medical attention.

What Should Be Done to Avoid Car Accident Injuries?

Prevention is most certainly better than a cure. So the best way to avoid any car accident injuries is to drive safely.

Something as simple as wearing a seatbelt is crucial to staying safe.

A modern pitfall is overconfidence regarding distractions. Taking your eyes off the road to check a message could change your life for the worse in a second, so be sure to keep your focus when driving.

Stay Safe and Sound

If you do experience even a small accident, it is easy to feel frustrated or even anxious about your role in it. Take solace in knowing that the vast majority of people experience one at some point in time.

Just remember, while many people have had to face the turmoil of a car accident, some are fortunate enough to avoid car accident injuries. We hope that you stay safe off the roads.

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