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5 Stretches for Sciatica Pain Relief

The sciatica is a nerve in your lower back that extends into your lower body. When this nerve is pinched, inflamed, compressed, or irritated in some way, you can experience a variety of symptoms in your lower body. You may experience tingling, burning, numbness, weakness, and intense pain, starting in your lower back and traveling down into your legs.

If you have this painful condition, you may be wondering how to relieve sciatica pain.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to relieve your pain and reclaim your life. One of the best ways is to regularly perform stretches for sciatica pain relief.

If you are suffering from sciatica pain, and aren’t sure what to do, here are several stretches you can try today.

  1. Knees to Chest

One of the best stretches to relieve sciatica symptoms is knees to chest.

For this stretch, you would lay on the floor and lift your legs. Place your hands on the back of your thighs and flex your spine upwards. Hold for 30 seconds to complete the stretch.

  1. Basic Hamstring

A great stretch for sciatica is the basic hamstring stretch. To perform, sit down and extend your legs. Round your back and reach for your toes.

Hold for 30-60 seconds to complete the stretch.

  1. Full Range Hip Circles

A helpful sciatica stretch to use is the full range hip circles. To perform, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly move your hips in a circle, stretching to the front, side, back, opposite side, and back to the front.

Perform five slow circles on each side to complete one round of the stretch.

  1. Sitting Spinal Stretch

One of the best sciatica stretches is the sitting spinal stretch. To perform, sit on the floor and extend your feet in front of you. Slowly place your right foot on the inside of your left knee and rotate your spine to the right.

Repeat on the left side to complete the stretch.

  1. Reclining Pigeon

The reclining pigeon is one of the pigeon poses that are helpful for sciatica relief. To perform, lay down on your back and lift your right leg. Place your hands on the back of your thigh and bend your knee.

Lift your left leg, bend it, and place your left ankle on your right knee. Hold for 10 seconds, and repeat on the other side to complete the stretch.

These Are the Best Stretches for Sciatica Pain Relief

By using these stretches for sciatica pain relief, you can ease your chronic pain.

Some of the best stretches to perform are knees to chest, basic hamstring, and full range hip circles. You can also try a sitting spinal stretch and reclining pigeon.

You can perform one or two stretches or complete all of them for an effective stretching workout that will relieve your sciatic pain.

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