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5 Tips To Deal With Muscle Cramps

A muscle cramp is a common problem often cropping out of issues like dehydration, dietary imbalances, poor circulation, etc. Sometimes, muscle cramps can also occur as a reaction to a specific medicine. Whatever be the source of cramps, they always are equally inconvenient and painful. Muscle cramps affect people regardless of their gender. So be it for men or women, muscle cramps are of great concern and must be dealt with to stay fit and fine. During a muscle cramp, one abruptly feels a contraction in muscles which does not die out immediately and stretches over a period as low as few seconds to as high as half an hour. Here are some tips to avoid the agonizing pain.

Stretching out

More than an on spot solution, practising stretching relates to the prevention of muscle cramps. If you can indulge in a regular practice of stretching, it would keep your muscles flexible and agile nullifying the possibilities of sudden muscle cramps that could bring you down to tears. Stretching enhances the range of motion which, in turn, enhances the elasticity of the muscle tissues. If you often feel the cramp before falling asleep, a few minutes of stretching right before you go to bed might save you from cramps. Professional guidance for healthy stretching practices from an expert such as would be beneficial in managing muscle cramps for sure.

Hydrating your body

Dehydration is one of the major sources of cramps. So try to keep your body hydrated so that cramps become infrequent. If drinking ample water is your regular practice, you will hardly experience any cramps at all. When the body runs dry, the muscles get prone to contractions and twitches. These gradually result in the muscle cramps making you feel that excruciating pain. Keep the flow of fluid regular in your body and stay sure of no cramps.

Electrolyzing the body

Though, water is a major healer for cramps, but never the sole. Nutrients also play a crucial role in determining muscle health and elasticity. Due to extreme weather and relentless exercising sessions, sometimes the body loses the electrolytes which keep up the movement of fluids inside the body from one cell to another, hence, no matter how much water you consume, if there are not enough electrolytes there to make it move between the cells, the effect will be as bad as not having water. Sodium and potassium are the two primary electrolytic elements that are needed to be maintained in the body to avoid sudden muscle cramps.

Massaging the area

The best way would always be to prevent muscle cramps. However, if you face one, the best idea would be to gently rub or massage the affected area. This will help the muscles to relax and will fetch comfort within a short length.

Topical relief

It is always advised to avoid oral medication for managing muscle cramps due to the potential side effects these medicines have. Instead, you can try applying some topical medicine to normalize the pain caused by a sudden cramp.

A muscle cramp is a common problem but can be dealt with if a little care is taken and precautions can be maintained.

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