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Benefits of Joining Meditation Classes for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a long, and in a way, a solitary path since no pregnancy is the same. And it’s almost impossible for anyone to fully comprehend what you are going through, be it your friends, your parents or your husband. The joy you feel when your baby kicks for the first time, the first contraction, the time you find out that you are pregnant, all these experiences are indescribable and are intensely personal. All these experiences can be overwhelming, and you need something to ground you and keep you relaxed. And that is where meditation comes in.

Meditation classes for pregnant women help find peace throughout this roller coaster and even help during labor. Here are a few techniques that are taught during meditation classes for pregnant women.

Deep Belly Meditation –

Gently place your hands on your growing belly and cradle the baby. Focus on the sensations you feel when you touch your belly. It might be a blanket of warmth enveloping your body or a movement. After that, slowly breathe in and breathe out. Make sure that your mind doesn’t wander, if it does, take deeper breaths. If a thought pops up, let it float away, as if it were a cloud in the sky. Do this for 5 minutes every day. Once you are comfortable, you can gradually keep adding more time each week.

Make a mantra and chant it –

There is immense power in our words. If we say something that we truly believe in, it affects our brain, our consciousness, and our way of being. It bestows upon us the power to accomplish it. So, while practicing prenatal yoga, if you come across a difficult asana, repeat the words, “I am a strong mom, I am doing this for my baby, I can do it.”

Once you chant this mantra and believe in it, you’ll see a massive difference in your body and mind. The same mantra can also be chanted when you are in labor to help you get through difficult times and give you the strength you need.

Visualize a “Wave” –

Here’s an interesting fact, visualization has been known to decrease the intensity of pain during labor, and hence, it’s a beneficial tool to have during labor. Visualization is a technique that combines mediation with mental imagery, and here’s how you can put it to use. Once you start contracting, imagine every contraction as a wave in the ocean. Visualize it slowly peeking in intensity and then allow it to fall slowly. Allow the wave of pain to wash over you.

 Unwind and Relax Your “Third Eye”-

There is a space on your forehead between your eyebrows. It is called as the third eye. Just behind the third eye is the pineal gland that is sensitive to light. The gland is also responsible for producing serotonin, a hormone that affects the regulation of wake-sleep patterns, and the energy levels during pregnancy. Becoming aware of your third eye is vital for maximum relaxation. So if you are in labor or just stressed, make sure that you relax the muscles on your forehead between the eyebrows.

As it is evident, to have a happy and healthy pregnancy, it’s a good idea and is advisable to meditate regularly. If fact, if you and your partner together, it has a far more significant impact and makes you feel safe, supported, and happy.

A bonus for the dad-to-be… meditation classes for pregnant women are geared towards keeping the mother to be relaxed, calm, and blissful throughout the pregnancy.

These meditation classes are revitalizing and rejuvenating. These classes and also include the traditional form of few asanas like Pranayama (breathing technique), Dhyana (meditation), Savasana (relaxation technique), and Chanting. As you can see, the classes are specifically designed to build up an expectant mother’s stamina, flexibility, strength, and agility and maintain her peace of mind and health.

Even the renowned experts at The Bump To Baby Co recommend prenatal meditation classes. These classes can go a long way for soon to be moms to be in control of their mood swings, amongst other things and remain serene during pregnancy. From relaxing the body and preparing it for your little one to feeling centered throughout your pregnancy, meditation is one such sure shot solution that will help an expecting mother the most. So, join prenatal meditation classes for pregnant women now and learn to channel your inner goddess of motherhood and lay those unnecessary doubts and fears to rest.

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