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Mobility Scooters – A New Lease of Life

Today’s mobility scooters are providing those with mobility issues with a new lease of life, and these go-anywhere buggies are safe, reliable and very comfortable. Typically, the scooters have 3 or 4 wheels and you can expect to travel 25-30 miles on a single battery charge, making them very popular with both the elderly and those with mobility issues.

Hosts of Extras

The mobility scooter comes complete with the following features:

  • Seat that swivels through 180° for easy access.
  • Fold up armrests
  • Indoor and outdoor models
  • Fold away for easy transportation

Fortunately, you can rent these scooters from an experienced mobility scooter supplier in Exmouth who has a wide range of top quality units, and with free-wheel mode, the scooter can easily be moved without turning it on.

Range of Hiring Options

Many people prefer to hire the unit, as they are quite expensive to buy, and the supplier will hire a unit out over the phone, with a free delivery and collection. They are ideal for travelling to the local shops, a visit to the local community centre and even a nice slow ride around the park. Easily transportable in the average size car, next time the family go out for the day, everyone can go, as the mobility scooter is very portable.

Early Booking Advised

As you can imagine, many people are looking to hire a mobility scooter, and whether for the weekend, or a few months, the units are all well-maintained and offer trouble-free use. Make your booking today by searching online for a local mobility scooter hire company.

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