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What Conditions Can a Qualified Physiotherapist Treat?

The physiotherapist is an essential professional practitioner who helps people recover from injury, as well as addressing skeletal and muscular issues, and to qualify as a practicing physiotherapist, there are many years of intense study to complete. A qualified physiotherapist can treat the following conditions:

  • Sporting Injuries – It is common for athletes to suffer from torn ligaments and pulled muscles, and a portion of the physiotherapist’s work would involve treating people for sports related injuries. If you have strained something playing football, seek out qualified physiotherapy in Blackpool, which can be found with an online search.
  • Traumatic Injuries – Perhaps the result of a vehicle accident, many people suffer back and neck problems that are caused when a vehicle crashes into the rear of their car. The problem might be muscular, skeletal, or a little of both, and with regular physiotherapy sessions, the pain usually recedes.
  • Arthritis Sufferers – Arthritis can be extremely painful, especially with the joints, and regular manipulation from a specialist does reduce the pain, and in some cases, remarkably so. Although arthritis mainly affects the elderly, it can affect people of any age, both in men and women, and with a course of treatment sessions, the physiotherapist is usually successful with the treatment.
  • Recovering Muscle Strength –When a person suffers a broken arm or leg and have the limb in a plaster cast for several months, this causes the muscles to wither, as they have been inactive for a long time. Once the plaster cast has been removed, the physiotherapist would engage the patient is a series of specially formulated exercises that will gradually build up the muscles to their original condition.

If you are feeling any physical pain or discomfort, make an appointment with a local physiotherapist, who can hopefully help.

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